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Nearly half of Transcarpathian Roma has no identity documents through conflicts of laws

According to unofficial data, more than 100 thousand Roma live in Zakarpattya. About 10 thousand Roma live in the greatest camp of Mukachevo. Despite such number and considerable time period of residence in one place, one of the greatest problems of Roma communities is absence of official documents - birth certificates and passports. According to public organizations, about 40% of Roma have no identify documents. Therefore, Roma have no nationality de facto in the country where they were born and live.

Minor sisters will receive status of orphan children

Due to an error in the mother’s death certificate her two daughters couldn't be recognized as orphan children officially. Respectively, minor sisters were deprived of social benefits. Specialists of the Community Law Center at the Zakarpattya regional charity foundation “Romano Lungo Trayo” helped to establish the fact of the family relation in court.

Gnat Tyrpak: “Being the Rom Baro is a calling. It can't be taught”

How the Roma differ from other nationalities, why parents are more responsible for education of their children than the state and why it is incorrect to call the Roma leader “Baro”... The Roma mediator of ICF “Chiricli”, the chairman of the Transcarpathian cultural-educational society “Romani Jag" (Perechin) Gnat TYRPAK answers the above questions asked by the journalist of the Roma Woman Fund “Chiricli”. Gnat is the first person in the gallery of interesting personalities of the heading “The Portrait of Successful Roma”.

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