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Consulting center for Roma pupils and their parents created in Zakarpattya

CF "Heart with love" is a place where Roma families can go for legal, psychological and pedagogical assistance. It was created in the Transcarpathian village of Poroshkovo*. The aim of the initiators is not only to encourage families to send their children to school, but also to help children adapt to it, not to miss lessons and get a quality secondary education.

In Perechyn program on providing free legal aid adopted

On May 12 Perechyn city council may decided on approving the city target program to provide free legal aid to residents of Perechyn within 2016-2018. Thus Perechyn became the first city in Zakarpattya out of 10 planned ones in the framework of the project "Creation of an integrated system of providing free legal aid in Zakarpattya", in which the city government created the mechanism of realization of constitutional rights of citizens to receive free legal aid.

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Christmas Trunk of Good, or detective story in Roma camp

Perhaps, the Christmas story that happened in one of Roma settlements of Zakarpattya is far from being legal. But we couldn't ignore it. After all it deals with customs of Roma community. Besides, local Law Community center is a place for local Roma where they can count not only on legal, but also on full support of the fellow countrymen.

In Zakarpattya gross negligence of doctors caused girl’s death

Little Marychka was fated to live only 2 years and 9 months. She was one of seven children of the Roma Geyza G., the resident of the village of Kholmok in Uzhgorod region. On October 26, 2015 the girl died in the emergency department of Uzhgorod children's hospital. Her death preceded tragic and unclear circumstances that are being examined by prosecutor's office now.

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