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In Perechyn program on providing free legal aid adopted

On May 12 Perechyn city council may decided on approving the city target program to provide free legal aid to residents of Perechyn within 2016-2018. Thus Perechyn became the first city in Zakarpattya out of 10 planned ones in the framework of the project "Creation of an integrated system of providing free legal aid in Zakarpattya", in which the city government created the mechanism of realization of constitutional rights of citizens to receive free legal aid.

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Flashmob against discrimination: human rights activists responded to the opening of the monument to the Roma yard-keeper

On September 3, the monument to the Roma yard-keeper was opened in Mukachevo. At first sight a local event caused rather ambiguous reaction of the community. The day following after the celebration the Roma leaders and public activists initiated the flashmob against stigmatization and imposing stereotypes concerning the Roma.

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