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Ministry of Justice summed up work of free legal aid system in Ukraine

On April 24 at a briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center, Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko and Director of the Coordinating center for legal aid providing Andrii Vyshnevskyi summarized the work of the free legal aid system in 2016 and spoke about the priorities of its further development.

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Council of Europe evaluated free legal aid system in Ukraine: conclusions and recommendations

On September 15 2016 the conclusions and recommendations of the report of the Council of Europe on the evaluation of the system of free legal aid in Ukraine in the light of standards and best practices of the Council of Europe were presented in Kyiv. Significant achievements over a relatively short period of time since the start of operation of the system in 2011 were noted. Recommendations for further improvement by the organization of its work and interaction with other participants in the justice system were developed.

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Pavlo Petrenko: "The Government has supported the establishment of legal aid bureau offices of the Ministry of Justice throughout Ukraine"

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree, thereby launching the process of an initiative to set up across the country 428 legal aid bureau offices of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine which was presented by the Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko. It became known about on 11 January 2016 on the results of the Government meeting.

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