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Alternative dispute resolution: American experience

Is it possible to resolve disputes without going to court? The answer is unequivocal - yes. The judges, prosecutors and lawyers of the United States do not only know how to do this, but actively implement it in practice for more than one year. Here, in the states, 99% of all civil cases that fall into federal courts are solved in an extrajudicial way, through alternative dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration, preliminary assessment of the case). 30 years ago, this figure was 10%.

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Change. Influence. Unite!

This is the motto of the fifth Capacity Development Forum that was held on November 29-30, 2016 in Kyiv. It is a powerful national platform to discuss the main issues and development trends of the third sector for the near future. Isar Ednannia managed to gather 1500 participants in the NSK "Olympiysky" and create an atmosphere where everyone meets everyone, where every minute adds to the professionalism, where the inspiration gained is enough for the whole year!

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Mediation in court: Volyn mediators help resolve conflicts

Mediation in civil court – myth or reality? On May 18, 2016 these issues were discussed during the round table with the participation of judges in Volyn region, National Association of Mediators of Ukraine and representatives of USAID Fair Justice Project. It is significant that the event took place in premises of the Appellate Court in Volyn region and became one of the last in the framework of the project "Support to development of mediation in eight courts of Volyn region as alternative method of conflict resolution" implemented by Volyn regional public organization "Legal Aid Center".

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Punishment for nonconformity: colleagues’ opinions on deprivation of Andriy Vyshnevsky of the right to practice law

The director of the Coordinating Center for Legal Aid Providing Andriy Vyshnevsky has been deprived of the right to implement lawyer activity. The Statement of the Ukrainian National Bar Association (UNBA) of September 10, 2015 caused a great resonance among human rights activists. The fact of persecution of the lawyer Vyshnevsky developed into a much wider topic – the fight for independence of the Bar of the Ukraine and the need of its reforming.

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Only common efforts can combat domestic violence

Participants of the round table in Kovel of Volyn region discussed the problems of protection of women, children and men from family violence. They talked about the cooperation among institutions, legal limitations on punishment and influences of local communities. As the result, they created the working group of activists and proposed changes to the legislation.

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