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Adults were taught school mediation in Pyryatyn

Pyryatyn has become the learning center for future school mediators from different corners of Ukraine for 4 days. 16 participants of the project “Strengthening of capacities of Community Law Centers in implementing of mediation practices in communities” wanted to learn how to mediate.

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15 mediators will work in Bilozerka schools

Soon, the students from Bilozerka region will return to their classes to continue studying. Conflicts and difficulties are quite possible. Mediators in school services of understanding will help to solve them.

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A mediation center will be created in Pyryatin

Pyryatin regional public organization “Women’s Initiatives” together with its partners from different regions of Ukraine have started the realization of a new project aimed at strengthening capacities of Community Law Centers network through the implementation of mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

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Mediator will help to understand each other in court

Volyn is one of the most active regions in Ukraine to implement mediation to the court system. Presentation and press-conference on the preparatory work to train mediators and plans for the future took place in Kovel, on June 20.

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Mediators will work in Kovel courts

If you ask people in streets what mediation is, not a lot of them will answer. Little people understand how important the work of mediators in courts is. The situation will soon change in Kovel, as the training program to prepare judges-mediators is in action there now.

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Volyn psychologists became Court mediators

Volunteers are being trained in Volyn to become Court mediator. “Implementing mediation in Courts of Volyn region as alternative conflict resolution method” project is realized by local Community Law Center.

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