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Soldier “fought” for his daughter in court

Equality of men and women rights which is written in the Constitution of Ukraine and other normative documents is often neglected while discussing the place of child’s residence – almost always in favor of women. There are some exceptions to the rule.

How to prevent fraud

A trusting pensioner gave 1000 UAH to the master who “forgot” about his promise to mend her cellar and just disappeared. Lawyers helped woman to return her money.

Road police officers will be responsible for breaking the rules

A citizen from Chuhuev Viktor Demydenko* quarreled with his wife and decided to sleep in his car. He was woken up by the road police officer in the morning. After their conversation, the inspector took the car away and drove it to the police compound in Kharkiv. He violated several traffic regulations as well.

Saleswoman from Chuguev proved her honesty in court

A woman who has been working in one of the shops in Chuguev for almost 9 months without official registration and salary, was condemned of stealing products by the owner after she expressed her wish to quit the job. However, human rights defenders helped her to defend her rights, so criminal case was closed.

Land has to be bring profit, not losses

A typical situation for Ukraine happened in one of villages of Kharkiv region. Agricultural firm asked farmers who are the owners of land shares to give them land in order to use for agricultural needs. They promised to give grain and sugar or money for the land. Those farmers who agreed, were written down in a list. There were no other documents.

Chernihiv activists will fight corruption in land cases

One of the biggest problems in Ukraine is high level of corruption practically in all life spheres. It concerns every citizen. Nowadays, both representatives of authorities and of public look for the ways to combat this problem.

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