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Lawyers in Kovel "collect" villagers’ problems
Lawyers in Kovel "collect" villagers’ problemsPhoto courtesy of Community Growth Center NGO

In May, lawyers of Kovel office of the Legal Development Network at NGO "Community Growth Center" traveled through villages and interviewed residents. Lawyers wanted to know about the most important issues for people. The poll was conducted by head of NGO "Community Growth Center" Nadiya Klimuk, lawyer Natalia Dubrova and project manager Nelia Chekhaniuk.

According to Nelia Chekhaniuk, 12 villages belong to the Velytskyi territorial community. In one day, lawyers were physically unable to interview the inhabitants of all settlements, so they came twice.

Residents willingly shared their thoughts, assessing the changes that took place in their life after being united into one community.

“Every resident we interviewed had something to say, so time passed very quickly. Unfortunately, we did not have time to reach everyone in one day. So, the next week we continued to get acquainted with the inhabitants of this territorial community. Conducting a questionnaire within the community is an important indicator of identifying the real painful problems of people who are not distorted by their subjective opinions or their own interests. After all, nobody knows the problems of the community better than the inhabitants themselves”, said the project manager of the Office.

“Acquaintance and interviewing with two interesting and positive people deserves important attention - the deputy chairman of the Velytskyi village Valeriy Kyrychuk and director of the main secondary school of I-III degrees Vitalii Garbaruk”, noted Nelia Chekhaniuk.

Interviews were conducted to gather information about community problems.

The leadership expressed problems and immediately shared ideas on how to solve them - it was a pleasant shock to lawyers. As it turned out, even the first steps were already taken to solve some problems.

Lawyers will process the results of the survey, analyze all peoples' problems, check the implementation of local programs and evaluate their social performance, develop recommendations and steps for their implementation.

Based on the needs map, the goals and priorities of the community and the funding initiatives in general, both in terms of community needs and achievement of the desired results, will be identified.

Also, recommendations will be made to improve community resource management, and in particular, to fill the local budget of the Velytskyi united territorial community.

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The citizens' survey was conducted within the framework of the joint implementation of the Legal Development Network and Center for Policy and Legal Reforms "Strengthening the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations in the Regions of Ukraine to Influence Public Authorities and Local Governments to Accelerate Reforms" funded by the MATRA Program of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine.

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