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Kherson office is gaining momentum: the results of the fourth month of work
  • Written by Alisa Voitenko for IRC "Legal Space"
  • Published in  Events
Kherson office is gaining momentum: the results of the fourth month of work Photo courtesy of Kherson city council

Kherson office of the Legal Development Network at the IRC “Legal Space" together with the Kherson city council is working on the introduction of free primary legal aid for visitors of the city hall for the fourth month.

According to the lawyer of the Office Serhii Plakhotniuk, the number of clients is gradually increasing, even despite long Easter and May holidays.

During April and May, 59 Kherson residents came to Serhii Plakhotniuk: 20 and 39 persons respectively. In addition, last month, 21 people used the telephone hotline, the lawyer provided a few more consultations to the cities in online chat room of the Legal Space website.

"The number of appeals has become larger, and the range of issues – broader”, said lawyer. “Now these are not just social issues. The problems Kherson residents come with are increasingly concerned with inheritance, division, alienation or acquisition of property (apartments, houses, land), credit relations. What's more, people began to ask for help in processing various appeals and applications".

But still the main issues that are raised during the reception are traditional. Up to five "leaders" of legal problems of Kherson consist of:

  • Social security issues - 23.3%;
  • Residential (eviction, lodging, housing, etc.) - 18.3%;
  • Land relations – 13.3%;
  • Banking (loans, deposits, collectors) – 13.3%;
  • Appeal of actions, inactivity of officials - 11.7%.

According to the lawyer, the number of issues related to the self-organization of people - owners of apartments in houses, members of horticultural societies, bodies of self-organization of the population (house committees) - has increased, concerning the management of these associations, the procedure for notification and holding of participants' meetings, the registration of the minutes of decisions.

"Such activity is pleasing, because more and more residents of the city are involved in the management, are self-organizing, take on additional responsibility", emphasized the lawyer.

Usually, clients are satisfied with counseling: in 80% of cases, issues are resolved on the day of treatment and do not require redirection to secondary legal aid operators, municipality executive bodies or courts.

In addition to the Kherson residents, the residents of nearby villages began to apply to the Office; their number is about 21%.

As for the residents, their geography also changed somewhat: the share of residents of the Suvorov district (44%) decreased, compared to the March index (50%). The number of visitors from Korabelnyi and Dniprovskyi districts is almost 30% and 26% respectively.

66.7% of clients are men, 33.3% are women. Often, the Office was visited by people between the ages of 45 and 59 (40%).

At the same time, the majority of Kherson residents in need of legal aid have secondary or secondary vocational education (31.7% and 40%), most of them do not work (66.7%).

The number of appeals of ATO participants is significant - 77.8%.

Summing up the work of the reception for the last two months, the expert of the project Volodymyr Makukha notes its effectiveness: "Lawyers are more often applied on the recommendation of relatives, friends, comrades. As for me, such fact testifies to people's satisfaction with the results of consultations. Approximately a third of Kherson residents learn about the reception via media (Internet, radio, newspapers) or information stands in the hall of the city council".

At the same time, the vast majority of Kherson (98.3%) is satisfied with the work of the lawyer.

P.S. Kherson office of the Legal Development Network works on the basis of NGO "Information Resource Center "Legal Space". Free primary legal aid is provided under the project "Organization of a permanent system of free primary legal aid in the city of Kherson" with the support of International Renaissance Foundation.

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