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Legal Development Network presented the annual report
Legal Development Network presented the annual report Photo courtesy of Legal Development Network

The first results showed that the plans of the Legal Development Network are ambitious, the team is full of energy, there is only forward.

On June 7, 2017 the Legal Development Network presented the report for the past year. 2016 was the intense and productive period. “There is a lot to report”, said the project manager Oksana Vyhivska.

A format of the presentation appeared extraordinary. Guests of the event were invited to Kyiv Planetarium and offered to make space travel. Onboard the spaceship "Happy Ukraine", with the support of the Network members they took flight to a bright future. There, where everyone knows their rights and has the ability to implement them. The passengers were on all major orbits of the civic association - the history of the formation, legal empowerment, proficient legal support of communities, institutional capacity. Also the participants got acquainted with the situation in figures:

35060 - the number of applications for legal aid in 2016;

2922 - the average number of applications per month;

23 - the number of member organizations;

30 - the number of offices of the Legal Network Development;

57 - the number of lawyers in the Network;

19 - the number of attorneys;

20 - the number of mediators;

501 - the number of success stories;

142 – the number of communities that cooperates with the Network.

The main message of the Network for the Universe is “Join us to achieve a better life!”

A closer look at the content of the report in the annex to this article.

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