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Synergy in action: lawyers visualize their ideas
  • Written by Oksana Vykhivska, project manager of Legal Development Network
  • Published in Events
Synergy in action: lawyers visualize their ideas

Lawyers of Legal Development Network gathered to present and visualize their ideas. Training performance for human rights defenders was by held Igor Zabolotny, Director and inspirer of the "Igor Zabolotny School of Scribing and Visual Presentations".

Within two days from 28 to 29 May 2017 Igor Zabolotny specifically for Legal Development Network conducted the second module of the training-performance "School of presentations and visualization of ideas".

It is extremely difficult to concisely describe the entire array of knowledge, mastering practical skills, a creative and comfortable working atmosphere that literally flew in the air.

Participants and the trainer created a genuine synergy, because everyone was fully engaged in the process. Igor noted that one should reconcile the desire of the result and the process to achieve it. Our trainer promotes creativity, as a way of life. But a prerequisite is to obtain pleasure from the process.

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The event was held with the support of Human Rights and Justice Program Initiatives of International Renaissance Foundation.

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