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Kherson: first results of providing free legal aid in the City Council
  • Written by Alisa Voitenko, IRC "Legal Space"
  • Published in  Events
In the photo (right): the lawyer Serhii Plakhotniuk and paralegal Olena Fesenko advise the visitor. Photo by Anna Martyniuk, IRC "Legal Space"
In the photo (right): the lawyer Serhii Plakhotniuk and paralegal Olena Fesenko advise the visitor.

In February, the center to provide free primary legal aid started its work at a joint initiative of Kherson city government and IRC "Legal Space".

The format of the Kherson office of the Legal Development Network proved to be efficient and convenient for citizens as communicating with visitors of the city council and its executive bodies, which address IRC "Legal Space", the office team can analyze what shortcomings in the work of the city authorities and communal services problems the average resident of the city faces, and, accordingly, offer their solutions.

Summing up the first results of work of the public reception office of the NGO "IRC "Legal Space" project in the city council in March, the project's expert Volodymyr Makukha drew attention to the fact that free legal aid is extremely popular among guests of the municipality. During the month the lawyer Serhii Plakhotniuk worked up 154 inquiries.

Thus, the range of problems is wide enough. Only in March, the legislator provided quality aid in solving problems in the following areas:

  • Housing registering ATO veterans;
  • Allocation of land;
  • Privileges on payment for housing and communal services;
  • Probate;
  • Insurance payments and annual financial aid;
  • Transactions of purchase and sale of motor vehicles, including via executing a power of attorney;
  • The procedure of return of private vehicles from the penalty area;
  • Protection of the rights of consumers;
  • Relationships with collectors;
  • Payments for wounds stipulated by the legislation;
  • The possibility of appeal against the deprivation of the award;
  • Early termination by military personnel on family circumstances;
  • The procedure for initiating a transfer from one military unit to another;
  • Features of calculation and payment of wages, in connection with the change in their minimum size.

Although the questions were not always associated with the work of local authorities, Serhii Plakhotniuk did not refuse to help anyone.

To understand the reasons for the demand for the services of a lawyer, except for the complaints of residents of Kherson Volodymyr Makukha analyzed applicants themselves.

It turned out that among those who applied for legal aid 75% were men and 25% were women. Most often, the center was visited by the townspeople at the age from 45 to 59 years (42.9%).

Mainly Kherson citizens with secondary vocational education addressed the center (39.3%).

The majority of the applicants do not work (57.1%), therefore to obtain free primary legal aid is the only possibility of clarifying the mechanisms for the resolution of legal problems.


Often the legal office was contacted by the residents of the largest district – the Suvorov one (50% of cases).

Based on materials of Public Relations Department of Kherson City Council and Volodymyr Makukha.

Primary legal aid includes such types of legal services:

  • Provision of legal information;
  • Provision of consultations and explanations on legal issues;
  • Preparation of applications, complaints and other legal documents (except documents of a procedural nature);
  • Provision of extracts from the legislation;
  • Provision of aid in ensuring a person's access to secondary legal aid and mediation.
P. S. Kherson office of the Legal Development Network works on the basis of Information Resource Center "Legal Space". Free primary legal aid is provided within the project "Organizing a sustainable system of free primary legal aid in the city of Kherson" with the support of International Renaissance Foundation.

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