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How human rights defenders briefly became researchers
  • Written by Oksana Vykhivska, Project Manager of Legal Development Network
  • Published in  Events

This is a story about how members of Legal Development Network temporarily changed the specialization for researchers. On April 28-29, 2017 our colleagues expected to attend the usual training to improve their skills, socialize and spend time well. But the reality turned out to be different. The training "School of presentations and visualizations of ideas" surpassed all their expectations in countless times.


Our guide to the world of visualizations was Igor Zabolotny, artscriber, director and presentation artist with years of experience. Igor became a pioneer of artscribing in Ukraine. So, what is it?

It is primarily a way to visualize information in real-time. Often it is used during presentations, conferences and various public events. Artscribing helps convey the essence of the idea as easy as possible. It organizes and structures thoughts.


In today's world, with the abundance of information, it is difficult to understand what is important, what is secondary, the question arises how to comprehend all the necessary information. There is a solution. It is the ability to creatively and at the same time clearly simplify the information. Artscribing is just about it.

As for creativity: do you know that according to research by American scientists, adults’ creativity barely reaches 2%, whereas ten year children’s one reaches 30%, and 3-5 year children show a result of 98%.

Our communications improve if to be visually supported. Returning to the statistics: 90% of information is perceived through visuals and it pictures are processed in the brain 60.000 time faster than text.


During the workshop Igor Zabolotny noted on one simple truth: "Art is clarity".

Well, except for the philosophical point, the coach surrounded us with the purely practical and useful information. Our "researchers" created an emotional portrait of the target audience, the matrix of visual thinking. Then they put these techniques on working episodes and infinitely rejoiced at their discoveries.

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