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Chuhuiv law enforcement officers learned about community policing and assessment of their work by locals (infographics)
  • Written by Georgii Kobzar, Chuhuiv human rights group
  • Published in  Events
Chuhuiv law enforcement officers learned about community policing and assessment of their work by locals (infographics) Photo by images.unian.net

In March Chuhuiv Department of the national police held a meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Chuhuiv human rights group, former assistant to the Minister of Internal Affairs on human rights issues Yurii Chumak on the topic of cooperation of police and society.

The event was dedicated to the assessment of the work of law enforcement by the residents of Chuhuiv and intended to familiarize the leadership of the police with community policing.

Thus, during Jan-February 2017 the representatives of Chuhuiv human rights group carried out a survey among residents of Chuhuiv, Pecheneg and Chuhuiv district of the Kharkiv region.

The survey was conducted through filling out paper and online questionnaires.

Summarizing the results of the survey, the human rights defenders came to the conclusion that a considerable number of the inhabitants of Chuhuiv (45.2%) believed that after the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On the National Police" law enforcement had not changed.

While 41.8% of respondents find it difficult to measure the Chuhuiv police department, 62.8% do not trust or rather do not trust the police at all.

If this attitude towards the police is based largely on information from the media, social networks and YouTube (47.8%), the attitude to the Chuhuiv police department is based mainly on conversations with friends and relatives (78.1%) and on personal experience with the police as a witness or a victim.

To eliminate the threat to the rule of law and security Chuhuiv respondents suggest the police not only to carry out constant patrols and to install additional video surveillance in the city and region, but often to communicate with the population to implement the prevention of crime and raise community awareness in the society.

Given this, during the meeting with the representative of the Chuhuiv human rights group, the police found out what community policing is, why the cooperation of the police with society is profitable both for the police and society, and what steps can be taken to increase the level of public confidence in the police.

Yurii Chumak told about experience of cooperation of the public with law enforcement agencies abroad and in Ukraine and answered the questions of police officers.

A survey and meeting with the leadership of Chuhuiv branch of the national police revealed the painful problems in its activities, therefore, the representatives of the Chuhuiv human rights group are determined to direct the police to the community and to improve their communication within the Platform "Police and community cooperation aimed at a result".

Activities are carried out by Chuhuiv office of Legal Development Network in the framework of the initiative “The Platform "Police and community cooperation aimed at a result" by Chuhuiv human rights group with the support of Program Initiative "Human Rights and Justice" of International Renaissance Foundation.

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