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Community policing in Kherson. The Safe City Platform launched
Members of the Safe City Platform Photo by Anna Martyniuk, IRC "Legal Space"
Members of the Safe City Platform

The platform participants are looking for ways to overcome difficulties in the interaction of police with society, to develop an algorithm of cooperation.

On February 21 the first working meeting of the public and the police was held in the premises of the Main Department of the National Police in Kherson region. The group invited all who care about the topic of security in the city: representatives of local governments, educational institutions, institutions and organizations dealing with social issues. The event was attended by representatives of patrol police, local district offices in Kherson and the representatives of six partner civil society organizations that developed the project "The Safe City: we are uniting efforts for the sake of qualitative changes in society".

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Experts of the NGO "Community Center "New Generation" told the meeting participants about the launch of a survey of residents of the city to implement a public safety assessment of the cities. Thus, the survey of 300 respondents through the face to face method and survey of 50 residents in the format of focus group interviews are planned. In April 2017, according to the results of the evaluation recommendations for local authorities and the police of the city of Kherson on crime prevention, improving law and order and local security will be formulated.

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Partners from the Information Resource Center "Legal Space" talked about its work on the algorithms of behavior in dangerous situations. The top of counteraction to domestic violence includes the behavior in case of theft/robbery and accidents. During March and April the experts of IRC "Legal Space" will develop algorithms of actions and test them and from May 2017 will disseminate them among residents.

The cooperation of the patrol police with NGOs is not new, so the discussion took place in public, and openly talked about the problems faced by field officers during the security of our city. Local police officers took an active part in the discussion of the project plans and recognized the need for cooperation with civil society.

“The most valuable thing learned from the first meeting is the belief in the success of the project. This is no idealization of the public opportunities, and the vision of other members, desire to work together to achieve the planned results in the interests of the community”, said the participant of the event Tatiana Len’.

The project is supported by Program Initiative "Human Rights and Justice" of International Renaissance Foundation.

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