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Building public platform: "The Police and society – cooperation for the result" in Chuhuiv raion
  • Written by Georgy Kobzar, Chuhuiv human rights group
  • Published in  Events
The briefing participants (left to right): Roman Likhachev, Yuri Chumak, Olga Chmil Photo by irf.ua
The briefing participants (left to right): Roman Likhachev, Yuri Chumak, Olga Chmil

The new police is the modern police focused on the community, its everlasting problems and current needs. Cooperation between police and public is an important element of the success of police reforms, only via involving active citizens it is possible to qualitatively change the work of the police and strengthen security in the communities.

At the initiative of Chuhuiv human rights group and the leadership of the Chuhuiv Police Department the implementation of a pilot project on the collaboration and cooperation of the police with the public, local communities and representatives of local government, the establishment of transparent, effective and accountable security of territorial communities started in the Kharkov region.

The project is supported by Program Initiative "Human Rights and Justice" of International Renaissance Foundation.

On February 1, 2017, the Chuhuiv Police Department held a press briefing to mark the start of this initiative in which the following persons participated:

  • Roman Likhachev, a leading analyst of the Chuhuiv human rights group;
  • Yury Chumak, human rights activist, ex-assistant of the Minister of Internal Affairs on the issues of observance of human rights;
  • Olga Chmil, press officer of the Chuhuiv Police Department.

Participants spoke about the planned project activities:

  • Sociological study (survey) of local communities, to ascertain the level of confidence in the police, identification of local problems in the sphere of security;
  • Conducting focus groups to uncover options for perception/attitude towards the issues of policing;
  • Getting started Facebook page "My Community. My Police – Chuhuiv Raion" and other social networks – as platforms for communication, sharing information and cooperation between police and residents;
  • Hotline to provide continuous monitoring the quality of work of the police;
  • Conducting round tables with discussion on how police interact with the public, the establishment of local policing priorities;
  • Organization of training seminars and trainings for the local population, deputies, journalists and activists, with the participation of representatives of the police, during which the standards of community policing in Ukraine and abroad will be covered;
  • Work with the deputies of the communities to increase their level of attention to public safety;
  • Creating in collaboration with the local authorities websites/platforms, in cooperation with the police and other stakeholders to carry out active educational activity aimed at the prevention of crime, strengthening the rule of law and local security;
  • Education of conscious and responsible youth, holding lectures in schools with the participation of representatives of the police;
  • Work with public formations on protection of a public order;
  • Formation of the practice of accountability of the police before territorial communities;
  • Introduction of effective, transparent and accountable system of public security in Chuhuiv raion.

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