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Understanding and peace within school community
  • Written by Liudmyla Ivanova, Kovel Office of Legal Development Network
  • Published in  Events
Kovel students, participants of training. Photo by Center of Legal Aid.
Kovel students, participants of training.

Kovel students received the necessary knowledge and motivation to resolve conflicts between students in a nonviolent way and improve the atmosphere in schools in the framework of the training "School Agreement Service". Participants received basic skills of mediation and prepared to resolve disputes in an academic environment.

19-22 January 2017 in the Kovel Student Palace the training for high school students of the city on "School Agreement Service" was held, which was attended by 20 students of secondary schools №1, №2 and the specialized school №3.

The purpose of this training was to establish an agreement service in the city schools, as offense and conflicts between participants of the educational process are not uncommon.

All four days of the training were rich, vivid and very productive. A lot of new information and interesting exercises impressed future mediators a lot.

After the training the participants especially warmly say about the trainer Yelysaveta Koval, who demonstrated high professionalism and charisma. The seniors received a lot of positive emotions and a powerful motivation for further work in the field of school mediation.

The event was organized by Kovel Office of Legal Development Network at the Community Growth Center with the support of International Renaissance Foundation. The aim of the project is to support the Network members in the direction of strengthening the legal capacities of vulnerable populations and the introduction of mediation in communities. Mediation in the school environment will provide an opportunity to reduce aggression and teach children to resolve their conflicts on their own, the introduction of facilitation in communities will help find effective tools for solving problems in the community, and pre-trial mediation will make justice more accessible.

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