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Judicial reform: key innovations. Judges’ opinions
  • Written by Antonina Oliinyk, IRC "Legal Space"
  • Published in  Events
Judge Volodymyr Orlovsky spoke on the prerequisites of the new reform procedure. Photo courtesy of the office of the court
Judge Volodymyr Orlovsky spoke on the prerequisites of the new reform procedure.

On December14 law students of the local Polytechnic College came to the Oleksandria city court. Judges prepared short reports on the justice reform, told about challenges to the reform process, discussed the main changes.

Why judicial reform goes down

Svitlana Krimchanko, Chairman of the Oleksandria district court of Kirovograd region started the meeting. She spoke about the most pressing challenges hindering the implementation of justice. Such obstacles include a lack of personnel, interference in the work of the Ukrainian courts, pressure on judges.

Now there are 781 the court in Ukraine. According to the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine, there are still 8 courts, where there is no judge that can perform the procedure. 71 court's powers were performed only by one judge, 124 courts proceedings are performed by only two judges. In such circumstances processing of cases are often delayed.

A new justice reform: main changes

The prerequisites of the reform

Judge Volodymyr Orlovsky told the audience about the latest reform. He asked what the participants knew about it.

“For me it is important the courts to be independent and judges to cease taking bribes. I hope that the new reform will bring results”, said the future lawyer Maksym Yanchenko.

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As the mentioned comments were related to the fight against corruption, Volodymyr Orlovsky suggested looking at the judicial reform deeper. He drew attention to the principle of the independence of the court and revealed the need for it security on the example of 4 cases from the practice of the European Court of Human Rights.

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The law provides for an annual electronic Declaration of incomes and expenses of judges, Declaration of integrity and Declaration of relationships. If not confirmed the legality of the sources of his/her property, the judge will be dismissed. Also, in order to identify judges who outrun the constable, they will be monitored. And the public through the Council Public integrity will receive new instruments of control. Council conclusions will be mandatory for consideration by the High Council of Justice.

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Group photo of participants of the event.

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