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First graduation of certified trainers from Legal Development Network program
  • Written by Oksana Vyhivska, Legal Development Network
  • Published in  Events
Participants are carrying out the exercise. Photo by Oksana Vyhivska.
Participants are carrying out the exercise.

On December 14-17, 2016 the final second module of the training program for trainers of the Legal Development Network was held in the picturesque Carpathian Mountains.

This time was filled with finding the outputs of the challenges, thirst for knowledge and personal development. TOT was encouraged and supported by Oleksiy Chorny, personal development and business trainer, specializing in non-formal adult education.

Our certified trainers learned all about 7 levels of active listening, strategy of interaction with the participants, art-technique, 5-step training model, pyramid training, etc. The trainer taught time management, how to prevent force majeure, how to deal with difficult participants so that they were not a problem but a resource. Participants gained a lot of knowledge about the training technology and methodology. Oleksiy focused on the fact that every professional trainer needs to develop his/her own training manner.

Much time was given to the topic of supervision. This aspect of the work helps develop the professional competence of a trainer and is a kind of a buffer between the client and the trainer, helping the latter be more effective in their work.

In the end, the trainer revealed the secrets of the training market and told about the so-called "Boston Matrix", which has its "stars," "problem children," "dairy cows" and "dogs".

Only the most dedicated participants managed to complete the program.

The TOT, which is implemented by the Legal Development Network with support of International Renaissance Foundation, consists of two 4-day modules and is designed according to Strasbourg model of adult learning that includes theory, personal experience and training practice under supervision. The main themes of the program: the andragogy principles, trainer’s position, the core training technologies and models, trainer’s work with the subject and the group, competence of the trainer, the principles of personal development, non-formal education of adults.

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