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Revitalization in Kherson: new civic project on city transformation
  • Written by Oleksandr Andryushchenko, IRC "Legal Space"
  • Published in  Events

On October 11 in the IPC-Kherson media center an open discussion "Revitalization in Kherson: new civic project on city transformation" was held. Journalists, businessmen, actors from cultural sphere were invited to discuss the issues related to the topic.

Revitalization, if someone does not know, literally means return to life. So, our city should be returned to life. One of my colleagues sarcastically wrote on fb: “Please revitalize Kherson. Remove stray dogs from the streets, fix sidewalks, repair facades of old houses that are dangerous to passers-by... Pleaaaaaase!” And he's right. Indeed, what kind of cultural space it is possible to speak about, when there are so many pressing problems in the city? The Chairman of the Association "Tourism of Kherson" Andriy Korolchuk through his long-time experience confirmed that for the realization of the urban ideas we must act consistently and gradually: trash cans are our primary objective, flowerbeds and exquisite lanterns is the secondary one, but not vice versa! And when you already have the cans, you must safely and quickly act! According to him, the ugly benches in the streets of Kherson and concrete blocks to make a fence near a Christmas tree on the square in front of the theatre distort the consciousness of residents of Kherson! But the public, alas, are not always ready to perceive art ideas in the development of the city. While Joseph Brodsky in his time said: “Aesthetics is the mother of ethics.” Therefore, the art needs space. It contributes to the harmonious development of a person. The examples of other cities of Ukraine and other countries prove it every day...

The Chairman of the Board of the WE, KHERSONIANS Business Association Vitaly Belobrov also offers to create a cultural space in Kherson to make it interesting. In his opinion, it is necessary to create a platform that everyone in the city would be able to fill in. Creative people are supposed to be engaged. We investigated the space of the abandoned and derelict objects and it turned out that none of the sites met the requirements. Given the experience of other cities in Europe, the organizers have their eye on industrial facilities that are located within the city. For example, while a verbal agreement with the owner of the Kherson machine-building plant was achieved to create an art space in an abandoned shop. The organizers of this idea are not going to hesitate. The creation of a new reality will happen instantly, experimental and discussion platform, hubs and clubs will earn in the spring of 2017, and in five years this social project is to reach self-sufficiency. “You should not be ashamed to earn money”, said Vitaly Belobrov.

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