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In Perechyn program on providing free legal aid adopted
  • Written by Human Rights Fund "Rozvytok"
  • Published in  Events
Representatives of the city authorities of Perechyn. Photo by Human Rights Fund "Rozvytok"
Representatives of the city authorities of Perechyn.

On May 12 Perechyn city council may decided on approving the city target program to provide free legal aid to residents of Perechyn within 2016-2018. Thus Perechyn became the first city in Zakarpattya out of 10 planned ones in the framework of the project "Creation of an integrated system of providing free legal aid in Zakarpattya", in which the city government created the mechanism of realization of constitutional rights of citizens to receive free legal aid.

The newly created program will allow all residents of Perechyn and especially representatives of socially vulnerable layers of the population, including the Roma population to obtain qualified free legal assistance and legal advice promptly and in full.

“Free legal aid means not only providing legal services in the form of advice or assistance in making statements. This activity empowers those segments of the population who do not have access to their rights, due to the lack of finance”, said the Executive Director of Human Rights Fund "Rozvytok" Natalia Kozyr. “Empowerment of socially vulnerable groups of the population leads to systemic changes aimed at nation-building priority of the rule of law”.

Now there are negotiations on the establishment of such programs in most major cities of Zakarpattya. After the adoption of decisions on approval of city programs to provide free legal aid in such cities as Svaliava, Chop, Khust,. Bereznyi, Tyachiv, Beregovo, Irshava, Vynogradiv and Uzhgorod there will be held a competition for the definition of private legal entities that will become legal aid providers. Of the latter a network of legal services suppliers will be created, where from January 2017 lawyers will begin to provide quality free legal aid to all the residents of Zakarpattya.

P.S. The Project is implemented by Human Rights Fund "Rozvytok" in partnership with the Transcarpathian regional center for providing free secondary legal aid with the support of the Government of Canada, Program Initiative "Human Rights and Justice” and Roma Program Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation.

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