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In Kovel "Influence on the budget of your city!" campaign held
  • Written by Natalia Samchynska, Center of Legal Aid
  • Published in  Events
The action "Influence on the budget of your city!" took place simultaneously in 17 cities of Ukraine. Photo by Center of legal aid.
The action "Influence on the budget of your city!" took place simultaneously in 17 cities of Ukraine.

"Is budget money our money? No, never heard of it". Such was the reaction of ordinary residents of Kovel on information about the possibility to offer their own visions regarding expenditure of the local budget.

The rally was organized by Volyn regional public organization "Center of Legal Aid".

During the action the activists and volunteer from Peace Corps briefed citizens about the results of Ukraine's first comprehensive assessment of the local socio-economic and fiscal policy of 17 Ukrainian cities. As well as handing out booklets "Where is your money in the local budget?" and a leaflet "How to control your money in the local budget: 10 tips for active people".

The main aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of citizens on the basic issues of the local budget and strengthen them to public control in this sphere.

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Everyone could also make his or her suggestions for the budget of the city of Kovel in 2017. A similar form can be filled in online on the website of the organization www.legalaid.in.ua until 31 July 2016.

Although, to tell the truth, a great activity from ordinary residents that approached the tent, unfortunately, was not observed. Some people are quite sceptical of the budget monitoring and generally do not believe that their suggestions will be heard and considered. Some did not want to hear about the budget issue, saying, we are not concerned.

Activists listened to numerous budget proposals and claims to the city council, but only 15 people dared to write them down on paper.

Olena Matviychuk (pictured above), the project manager and the Chairman of the organization said:

“Today citizens can submit their proposals to the budget allocation, but do not. This occurs for a number of reasons. The first is low awareness of the population, however, such actions and publications are intended to provide more information to residents about the budget process itself, its formation and instruments of influence. The second reason is the indifference of the people to life in the city. As you know, even in the most developed countries the percentage of active people, those who change cities, countries, have the ability to think strategically and achieve their goals is about 20% of the total. My personal dream is to find the 20% of the locals and work together for the good of the community. I hope we will succeed”.

All photos are provided by the Center of Legal Aid.

The action “Influence on the budget of your city!" was carried out simultaneously by the members of the Partnership "For transparent local budgets!" in 17 cities in different regions of Ukraine within the initiative "Civil society and the media for transparent local budgets!". The initiative is implemented by the Odessa regional organization of NGO "Committee of Voters of Ukraine", Open Society Foundations and the Public Partnership "For transparent local budgets!" with the financial support of the European Union and the Embassy of Finland in Ukraine. More details about the initiative on the website of the partnership http://probudget.org.ua

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