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More than 50 residents of Bilozerka made suggestions for budget of village council
  • Written by Youth centre for regional development
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The event was attended by more than 200 residents of Bilozerka and Razliv. Photo by Youth center for regional development.
The event was attended by more than 200 residents of Bilozerka and Razliv.

On July 27 in the village of Razliv and Bilozerka, Kherson region, a street action "Influence the budget of your village!" was held. It was organized by Bilozerka NGO "Youth center for regional development" within the framework of the Public Partnership "For transparent local budgets!"

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and draw the attention of the residents of Bilozerka to the problems of local budgets, as well as to encourage local authorities to improve transparency of the budget process and community participation.

More than 200 citizens took an active part in the promotion, willingly took and read the leaflets about the mechanism of influence on formation of the budget, wrote their proposals on the use of budget funds in 2017. The volunteers collected more than 50 proposals from citizens.

IMG 1299

 The action in Bilozerka. Photo by Youth center for regional development.

“We did not expect such activity from citizens, even were a little afraid of their coming up to our tent and being interested in information about the use of budget funds. Because before that there was the election of the deputies to the Verkhovna Rada in our district and people are a bit fed up with overwhelming amount of information, they confused our public initiative with political parties", said the campaign promoter Ella Petrenko, Chairman of Bilozerka Youth centre for regional development. “The street action showed that people are interested in the issues of budget formulation and spending, but they don't know how they can influence and contribute to these processes. The only known mechanism for them is through their Deputy, and if no Deputy (went to work like in the village of Razliv) or he/she performs the duties unfairly, in their opinion the funds will not be allocated for the district. People do not know about their rights”.  

IMG 1396

 People were getting acquainted with the information on budgets...  

IMG 1403

 ...And made suggestions. All photos by Youth center for regional development.

Among the most common suggestions there is landscaping of the village (repair of street roads, timely cleaning of litter from bins in parks, beach facilities by the lake, trimming the chestnut trees along the alley by the Pension Fund and State Administration), as well as the fight against stray dogs, public issues (repair of the central sewer, the installation of trash cans near the high-rise buildings).

Villagers are concerned about the street lighting and repair of roads in the village of Razliv, construction of a playground, reconstruction of the culture house and provision of the library with the Internet, bus traffic.

Along with the campaign the budget proposal from residents of the villages will be collected online until July 31 at this link: https://goo.gl/qx6cx3

All the collected suggestions of citizens will be systematized in the form of citizens' appeals sent to Bilozerka Village Council. The official response of the Village Council will be made public immediately upon receipt.

The organizers express their gratitude to the village deputies Olena Shcherbyna and Inna Zhuravlenko for the help in carrying out the action.


The action “Influence on the budget of your city!" was carried out simultaneously by the members of the Partnership "For transparent local budgets!" in 17 cities in different regions of Ukraine within the initiative "Civil society and the media for transparent local budgets!". The initiative is implemented by the Odessa regional organization of NGO "Committee of Voters of Ukraine", Open Society Foundations and the Public Partnership "For transparent local budgets!" with the financial support of the European Union and the Embassy of Finland in Ukraine. More details about the initiative on the website of the partnership http://probudget.org.ua

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