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In September three school services of dialogue will work in Bilozersky district
  • Written by Kateryna Pavlovska, Youth center for regional development
  • Published in  Events
Participants of the training " Basic mediator skills at school service of dialogue" Photo by Kateryna Pavlovska, YCRD
Participants of the training " Basic mediator skills at school service of dialogue"

In Bilozerka, Kherson region, 15 students and 3 teachers at three schools received certificates of mediators. Before they participated in the training "Basic mediator skills at school service of dialogue" and passed the exam.

From 21 to 24 June, on the basis of the Bilozerka multidisciplinary gymnasium the training "Basic mediator skills at school service of dialogue" was held, in which pupils and teachers of the local multidisciplinary gymnasium, school №2 and Dar'ivka school took part. Future mediators fruitfully and effectively worked in teams, small groups, and individually to successfully learn new material for four days and then passed the exam.

The training was informative and interesting. On the first day the participants got acquainted with the concept of conflict, its causes, and worked with the prejudices, developed their own style of behavior in conflict situations, aimed at finding their own solutions. Thus, the exercise "Secret friend", "Friendly mail", "Young monkeys" united children and created a pleasant and friendly atmosphere during the training.

The second day began with the "Circle of values", which formed a positive mood in the group. Participants realized that despite the social status, age and gender people have common values: love, kindness, respect, sincerity, understanding, friendship, family, etc.

Potential mediators were acquainted with the procedure of mediation, its stages, rules, techniques, principles.

IMG 08331

Photo by Kateryna Pavlovska. Lively discussions among participants of the training

The third day was the most responsible and emotional. The participants had to pass an exam – the exercise "Spinner" - everyone could act as a mediator, the conflicting parties and observer. Of course all were overwhelmed with the excitement, but successfully coped with the task.

“It was something incredible", said Daryna, a student of Bilozerka school №2. “I was so worried, afraid that I will fail or mess up the stages of mediation and something will go wrong. But it worked for me! I'm happy! I'm willing to help others resolve conflicts peacefully through mediation!”

The fourth, final day was creative, but organizational. Children along with their coordinator were painting the picture of a mediator, created collages of their school services, came up with the motto of the service and planned its work for September.

“Those were wonderful and memorable four days”, said Maryna Rybalko, Coordinator of Dar'ivka school service of dialogue. “We’ve learned a lot, there is something to ponder. Most importantly, we can apply the knowledge obtained not only in school, but in everyday life. Many things are perceived differently, as a conflict, biased attitude. It was very nice to observe the children for their cooperation, ability to communicate, work in group and as a couple”.

IMG 09942

Photo by Kateryna Pavlovska. Mediators of Bilozersky district are ready to work in schools of dialogue.

There is however still a huge amount to do: development of the office of the school services of dialogue, its presentation to other pupils, teachers, parents. So, we are looking forward to the beginning of the work in three selected schools.

The training was held within the project "Introduction of mediation of peers as a form of conflict prevention in the schools of Bilozerka district", which is implemented by Bilozerka youth center for regional development in the framework of the study program "Active citizens" implemented by the British Council Ukraine in partnership with the Unity Foundation.

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