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Restoration of work of court in Stanitsa-Luhanska district: open letter to Commissioner for Human Rights
The head of the Law Community Center Mykola Filippov Photo by Natalia Bimbirayte, IRC "Legal Space"
The head of the Law Community Center Mykola Filippov

A lot of people living in Stanitsa-Luhanska district, Luhansk region, wonder whether Stanitsa-Luhanska is Ukraine. Within two years this regional center is under control of Ukrainian authorities. But the protection of human rights does not comply with standards of the civilized countries.

Ignoring the laws of Ukraine "On temporary measures in the ATO zone", "On appeals of citizens" and others by enterprises and even governmental bodies encouraged public figures to publicize the facts of violations of human rights in the district.

In particular, one of the major problems of protection of citizens is the inaction of the district court that is an important tool of human rights protection. According to the Chairman of the Board of NGO “Stanitsa-Luhanska Law Community Center” Mykola Filippov, the district authorities do not work properly to restore the work of the district court.

Therefore, social activists prepared an open appeal to the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Valeria Lutkovska.

The text of the appeal is available.

“… On July 2, 2014 during the implementation of the anti-terrorist operation on the territory of Stanitsa-Luhanska district, Luhansk region, the building of the district court was damaged, therefore, the further work of the court proved impossible.

In accordance with the Decree of the Supreme Specialized Court of Ukraine on consideration of civil and criminal cases No. 2710/38-14 dated 02.09.2014, the work of Stanitsa-Luhanska district court suspended the territorial jurisdiction of Stanitsa-Luhanska district court of the Luhansk region transferred to the court of Novopskov district, Luhansk region.

In accordance with the Decree of the Supreme Specialized Court of Ukraine on consideration of civil and criminal cases No. 6/0/38-16 dated 25.01.2016… the territorial jurisdiction of civil cases, administrative offences, administrative cases under the jurisdiction of local General courts as administrative courts, criminal proceedings of Stanitsa-Luhanska regional court of Lugansk region were transferred to Belovodskiy district court of Luhansk region.

On August 12, 2014 the territory of the village is currently under control of Ukrainian authorities. Electricity and gas supply, telephone, Internet connection, post office are restored. … As well as the work of public authorities, local authorities, the police and prosecutors.

However, the work of the Stanitsa-Luhanska district court has not been restored so far, making it impossible for different segments of the population, including socially vulnerable groups, to appeal to the court for the protection and restoration of their rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine (the distance between the Stanitsa-Luhanska and Belovodskiy districts is almost 100 km that takes approximately two hours to cover it and costs currently more than 150 UAH), that is hare is violation of the rights of citizens to access to justice.

Our public organization, carrying out its activities regarding the provision of free information and legal assistance to the population constantly faced with the problem of access to justice. The remoteness of the nearest court complicates the ability to meet deadlines, and the travel costs prevent from attending each court hearing.

In addition, the absence of the court in the territory of Stanitsa-Luhanska district significantly complicates the work of law enforcement agencies in terms of compliance with the terms of the criminal and administrative proceedings, particularly in cases of violation of the state border, which are considered during the day...

Local authorities repeatedly sent appeals on this question to the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine, High Council of Judges of Ukraine, High Specialized Court of Ukraine, High Qualifications Commission of Judges of Ukraine, etc. The replies received show that in the near future the work of the Stanitsa-Luhanska district court will not be restored.

Given the above, with the aim of restoring the violated rights of citizens on access to justice, in accordance with the order of the SJA of Ukraine №124 dated 22.09.2014 year, we ask you to contribute to the very rapid restoration of the Stanitsa-Luhanska district court.

Sincerely yours,

Chairman of the NGO " Stanitsa-Luhanska Law Community Cente
Mykola Filippov

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