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Residents of remote villages of Volyn region get free legal aid
  • Written by Natalia Samchynska, Volyn Centre for Legal Aid
  • Published in  Events
Director of Kovel center for free secondary legal aid Vasyl Kovalchuk (left) and Chairman of Centre for Legal Aid Olena Matviychuk Photo by Natalia Samchenko, Center for legal aid
Director of Kovel center for free secondary legal aid Vasyl Kovalchuk (left) and Chairman of Centre for Legal Aid Olena Matviychuk

Since March residents of remote villages in Volyn region can quickly and effectively protect their rights. Lawyers of Law community Center at the Center for Legal Aid provide free legal aid not only in the city of Kovel, but also in the villages.

Now residents of these communities do not have to go to Kovel to get advice, as lawyers of the Centre conduct field meetings in the districts. They provide free legal advice on any matters (except criminal law). In particular, they advise on legal issues and the legislation, help in the preparation of applications, complaints, petitions, claims, requests and other legal documents.

Olena Matviychuk, Chairman of Center for Legal Aid notes:

“Lawyers of Law Community Centre will implement the initiative to July 2016, until reforming the regional and local Department of justice on the basis of which it is planned to create a legal aid bureau office”.

As people do not fully understand the difference between primary and secondary legal aid, the team of Center for Legal Aid developed a booklet that contains information about the peculiarities between two Centers.

Almost in all regional centers there is an opportunity to use primary legal aid, 26 organizations from different regions of Ukraine joined the Network. One can contact online live chat room on Legal Space daily from 10 am to 4 pm.

Development of a system of accessible and quality legal aid in the communities, development of the legal capacity of communities is an investmentin social capital, investment in the future”, said Vasyl Kovalchuk, Director of Kovel Center for free secondary legal aid.

The initiative is being implemented within the project "Improvement of access to free legal aid to vulnerable groups in seven districts of Volyn region" with the support of the Project "Quality and Accessible Legal Aid in Ukraine" implemented by the Canadian Bureau of International Education with support from the Government of Canada and Program Initiative "Human Rights and Justice" of International Renaissance Foundation.

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