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International Renaissance Foundation supported BrainBasket
  • Written by International Renaissance Foundation
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BrainBasket Foundation includes 309 volunteers, 37 schools, 61 partner companies. A team of Ukrainian IT companies gathered in April 2014 to create their own organization.

They were guided by the fact that Ukraine is usually associated with the "breadbasket” image, but now, in addition to a strong agricultural sector, Ukraine has the opportunity to become a global brainbasket that exports the results of brain work of our IT specialists. Then the initiative group together with representatives of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and Kyiv city state administration decided that BrainBasket Foundation will be engaged in the development of educational market in the field of IT technologies and will be able to give a boost to the educational ecosystem.

Over 2 years of its existence the team of the BrainBasket Foundation implemented several successful projects:

  • School Boost – the project aimed at improving the quality of computer science training and promotion of the IT profession in secondary schools.
  • BrainBasket Talks – a series of regular meetings with leading representatives of IT industry on the most relevant topics (trends, education, success stories).
  • Coding for Future – a social-educational project designed to help people affected by hostilities in Eastern Ukraine adapt to new living conditions.

“The BrainBasket team consists of young and very progressive people. They implement educational projects in the field that is growing faster globally. I believe in the possibilities of classical academic education, but a synthesis of science and practical IT sphere opens the future for our country and for all mankind”, Executive Director of International Renaissance Foundation Yevgen Bystrytsky commented on the work of the organization.

BrainBasket launched the ambitious Technology Nation Project– a nationwide initiative on free computer programming cources. The Technology Nation has a lofty goal – to promote the development of the economy of Ukraine through free training Ukrainians in the basics of programming based on the courses of leading technical universities in the world, but also to promote the further employment of graduates for positions of IT specialists in Ukraine.

The audiences addressed by this project are mostly adults aged 22+, who live in large cities and small towns of Ukraine, have basic computer skills and intermediate English, are eager to change jobs and go into the field of information technology. Also, each group within the project will have a quota for one ATO veteran. Thus the project will help persons who require special attention, social inclusion and start of a new life with a stable job. The project team will seek to keep a gender balance in each group, with the aim of attracting more women in it.

In April BrainBasket received more than 25 000 applications for participation in the program. The project is designed for 4 years and ensures a balanced geographical coverage of the whole country, so it provides substantial human, financial and technical resources.

Therefore, the IMF decided to support the part of the project, which involves retrofitting and full-scale functioning of the educational hubs in 25 major cities across the country. In the framework of the project each of 25 hubs will host 6 groups with the total number of 3000 attendees.

“We are very grateful to George Soros for the support. His contribution to the development of the open and developed society in Ukraine today is really difficult to overestimate”, said the Director of the BrainBasket Foundation Volodymyr Liulka. “Understanding of the IT industry in the country's economy indicates the clear vision of Mr. Soros of the importance of the development of education in the field of information technology”.

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