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"Legal Space" launched free legal app
  • Written by Olena Orlova, IRC “Legal Space”
  • Published in  Events
Coordinator of "Legal Space" Anna Martyniuk briefed workshop participants with the mobile app. Photo by Natalia Bimbirayte, IRC "Legal Space"
Coordinator of "Legal Space" Anna Martyniuk briefed workshop participants with the mobile app.

Now you can obtain free primary legal aid by installing the application on Android based smartphones. The rules of using the app were explained by lawyers of Legal Space Information Resource Center at the workshop that was held on March 30 within DocudaysUA.

"A Lawyer in Your Smartphone" - this is the slogan that was chosen for this service. It is a unique product of the website team that allows you to receive legal advice anytime and anywhere via Internet. It should be noted that you can only receive primary legal aid through the app.

“People can chat anonymously to obtain primary advice on any legal matters, that is, to obtain legal advice or tip. A chat room provides a response that aims at solving a particular issue. Then the person can solve the problem. If the issue is complex, we need to examine documents. it is impossible online”, the coordinator of the Legal space Anna Martyniuk explained.

In such cases lawyers direct people to the nearest Law Community Center, to partners from Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union or local centers for free secondary legal aid.

According to the lawyer of Legal Space Information Resource Center Volodymyr Orlovsky advice through the app can be accessed Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. If there is a need to ask a question after business hours, it is better to do this on Legal Advice within 24 hours. You can obtain the written answer by the lawyer in a day.

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The coordinator of Legal Space Anna Martyniuk and lawyer Volodymyr Orlovsky. Photo by Natalia Bimbirayte, IRC "Legal Space".

“The number of legal consultations on the web portal is growing rapidly. Many questions come both to the chat room and on the web portal. If during last year we had 2813 2015 consultations in the chat room, in 2016 there are 3016 only for 3 months”, Volodymyr Orlovsky noted. “Today 37 questions per day are quite normal for lawyers. Therefore, we plan to involve some volunteering lawyers to effectively help people”.

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Based on material of Human Rights Information Center.

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