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Pavlo Petrenko: "The Government has supported the establishment of legal aid bureau offices of the Ministry of Justice throughout Ukraine"
The Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko. Photo: Pavlo Petrenko’s Facebook
The Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko.

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decree, thereby launching the process of an initiative to set up across the country 428 legal aid bureau offices of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine which was presented by the Minister of Justice Pavlo Petrenko. It became known about on 11 January 2016 on the results of the Government meeting.

According to the website of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the decree provides for the elimination of 586 territorial bodies of the Ministry of Justice at the district and city level and in the regional centers and establishment in district and regional centers of 428 legal aid bureau offices to provide Ukrainian citizens with legal protection and to ensure access to e-services opened by the Ministry of Justice.

"Last year we launched a system of free legal aid in administrative civil and criminal cases, which enumerated 100 centers. Due to the budget funding and economy within the Ministry of Justice, we are expanding the network of free legal aid centers and run 428 legal assistance bureau offices throughout Ukraine", Pavlo Petrenko explained.

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Pavlo Petrenko’s presentation in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Photo: Pavlo Petrenko’s Facebook

According to the Minister, the newly established offices will share activities of the launched centers for free legal aid, thus covering the entire Ukraine’s territory including district centers and cities of regional significance.

"In these centers citizens on legitimate grounds will be able to exercise their right to counsel. This applies to the low-income persons, people with disabilities, pensioners, IDPs, ATO participants and the families of the victims. In these centers our citizens will be provided with consultative support and online services of the Ministry of Justice. Also, these legal centers will provide primary aid, i.e. advice to all the people who don't need a lawyer but require simple legal support", said the Minister of Justice.

On his FB page the Minister commented on this event very emotionally: “In 2015 we opened 100 centres for free legal aid, which served 47 thousand Ukrainians. These centers provide professional legal aid to citizens who cannot afford to hire a private attorney. In 2016 we will eliminate 586 "Soviet" district and city departments of justice and create legal aid centers and electronic services. Virus of positive changes should cover the whole Ukraine! To new fair Ukraine!”

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