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In Luhansk region patients and authorities revealed main problems of health sector
Participants of focus group discuss issues Photo by Maksym Danylchenko
Participants of focus group discuss issues

To increase transparency of local budgets in regional health sector - such objective was priority of public activists of Luhansk region.

For this purpose on December 5 focus groups are carried out with participation of patient communities, IDPs, doctors, social services and representatives of local government. Focus groups were held in the cities of Kreminna, Rubizhne, Lysychansk, Starobilsk and Severodonetsk.

During actions participants considered important health care issues in Luhansk region, residents’ needs for receiving medical care, participation of society in planning and usage of funds of local budgets of health care departments, the actual streams of reforming and usage of local budget funds in health sector.

Participants of focus groups distinguished from the main problems: high prices for cures, insufficient quantity of means of rehabilitation for people of advanced years, who have no disability, but as a result of their old age need it, low level of professionalism of local therapists and a shortcoming of narrow-purpose specialists. Also they noted the lack of necessary quantity of urgent drugs that is a consequence of insufficient financing of branch, problems with transportation of patients to regional hospitals.

Among the main problems of medical institutions, doctors allocate lack of materials and equipment necessary for work (utilizers, sets for the ENT specialist and oculist), problems with transport for district doctors, lack of vaccines for adults and children (diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B, tuberculosis), absence of the relevant diagnostic equipment.

“Focus groups are a first step on the way of increase of transparency of local budgets in health sector in Luhansk region. Now our expert group develops the Provision that will provide participation of citizens in the development of priorities of health sector at the level of society and provide them with real instruments of control of expenses of local budgets in this field. The draft of the Provision will be publicly discussed and presented in 5 project target cities of Kreminna, Rubizhne, Lysychansk, Starobilsk and Severodonetsk”, the head of Public Service of Legal Aid Maksym Danylchenko noted.

Ensuring accountable and effective usage of local budget funds in health sector of Luhansk region through creation of effective mechanisms of involvement of representatives of civil society into processes of planning and monitoring of the usage of means in this sphere is the objective of the "For the Transparent Budget in Health Sector of the Luhansk Region" project that is implemented by Public Service of Legal Aid NGO with support of the Public Health Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation.

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