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Case of pseudo volunteer Zolotarenko. Court changed measure of restraint
Hearings in Appellate Court Photo by Vyacheslav Gusakov
Hearings in Appellate Court

The public watches the case of Mykola Zolotarenko. Today the Appellate Court changed the measure of restraint for the pseudo-volunteer suspected of fraud to the more severe one - 60 days of pretrial detention.

Mykola Rusavsky/Zolotarenko is a false volunteer accuses by the community of plundering hundreds of thousands of hryvnias.

Last days off in Suvorovsky district court of Kherson the court passed the decision on the round-the-clock house arrest of Mykola Rusavsky/Zolotarenko. The prosecutor's office of the Suvorovsky district in the city of Kherson appealed against this resolution.

Today, on December 24, the hearing in the Appellate Court in case of the pseudo-volunteer was held.

The judge changed the measure of restraint applied to the pseudo-volunteer Mykola Rusavsky/Zolotarenko. Instead of the house arrest he was detained for 60 days.

Of course, the suspect or his supporters can post bail in the sum of 110 240 UAH (80 minimum wages) in order to be released. But also in that case he has to appear on the first call to the investigator or court. Otherwise, the court can apply arrest again and bail money will go to the state budget.

Mykola Rusavsky/Zolotarenko continues to deny his guilt. He says that he goes on returning money back and the case has just a civil procedure character.

Let us remind that the pseudo-volunteer known in Kherson as Mykola Zolotarenko offered his help in acquisition of the military equipment (kevlar helmets, bullet-proof vests, uniform, footwear, means of communication) at low prices. People ordered the goods, gave Zolotarenko money and he disappeared. At a rough estimate, under different occasions, Rusavsky took control of funds in the sum of several hundreds of thousand hryvnias. Only the Kherson Center of Aid to Servicemen transferred to the account specified by Mykola over 90 thousand UAH and volunteers from Skadovsk gave him more than 50 thousand UAH. For more details please click here.

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