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In Kharkiv businessmen protested against new Tax Code
  • Written by Kateryna Kader, Public Radio
  • Published in  Events
Protesters Photo by Public Radio

On December 19 businessmen in Kharkiv gathered for peaceful protest against cancellation of the simplified system of taxation and new Tax Code.

Legal Space learned about it from Alexander Chumak, head of regional headquarters of the Coalition for simplified taxation.

He declared that the main requirement of businessmen is introduction of the 3-year moratorium on changes to the tax law of the country. According to Alexander Chumak, such period of time is needed by small and medium-sized business to recover from economic crisis and start developing.

The All-Ukrainian protest action starts in Kharkov. It is peaceful, not political. Its objective is to preserve the system of taxation in the current form. We demand to impose the 3-year moratorium on changes to the existing tax system to ensure real reforming the general system of taxation. On December 24 there will be a reconsideration of the draft law. Yesterday in the All-Ukrainian Headquarters of the Coalition the decision was made about businessmen’s assembly near the Verkhovna Rada”, he told.

Roman Likhachov, head of Chuhuiv human rights group, declared that through changes to the tax law the authorities want to drive small and medium-sized business to the shadow therefore, less means will go into the state budget and the reforming process will fail.

roman lihachov

Roman Likhachov. Photo by Public Radio.

“I think, through joint efforts we will force People's Deputies to be more conscientious and start creating workplaces. Next week there will be voting for this draft law and we hope that no deputy will raise his or her hand in favor of it”, he told.

Valery Nesteruk, chairman of labor union of Barabashovo Shopping Center, declared that businessmen won't allow being destroyed and will fight for their constitutional rights.

valeriy nesteruk

Valery Nesteruk. Photo: Public Radio.

“We have already felt freedom, we want to be free, to work for development of this country. I think that we will organize a delegation from "Barabashovo" and together with the Coalition of businessmen we will go to Kiev - to defend our interests because our constitutional rights are being violated here”, he told.

 dsc1171 1

Businessmen in Kharkiv are ready to join the All-Ukrainian protest against the adoption of the new Tax Code. Photo by Public Radio.

Thus, businessmen in Kharkov plan to participate in the All-Ukrainian protest against the adoption of the new Tax Code that will take place on December 24 on the voting day, at the walls of the Verkhovna Rada.

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