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Kazatyn local center received additional funding

This year for the first time in Ukraine funds in the sum of 20 thousand UAH are allocated from the local budget to support a local center for providing secondary legal aid.

The question of allocation of additional financing on providing citizens with free legal aid was raised by Kazatyn local center for FSLA. In particular, it dealt with the allocation of funds in the form of subvention from the local budget to the state budget on implementation of programs of social and economic development of regions.

As a result, on October 9, 2015 deputies of 50 sessions of the 6th convocation of Kazatyn city council made the Resolution No. 1401-VI and approved the Program of providing legal aid to the population of the city of Kazatyn for 2015-2017.

20 thousand UAH are allocated for financing the program in 2015. The program goal is development and implementation of a package of legal, organizational and economic measures aimed at ensuring access to legal aid of persons who need it and have the right to it in accordance with law.

Funds are allocated for creation in the local center of conditions for servicing residents of Kazatyn. In particular, for acquisition of objects, materials, equipment and fee, carrying out actions to inform the population on their right to legal aid and other actions within the center’s activity. Subventions allow partially to compensate deficiency of financing from the state budget on ensuring activity of the local center.

Such decision of the local council is a positive example of understanding at the local level of importance of providing free legal aid to the most vulnerable and socially unprotected people. Another model to follow is effective cooperation of centers for providing free secondary legal aid and local governments.

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