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Zakarpattya: integration of primary and secondary legal aid to support vulnerable categories of citizens
  • Written by Iryna Myronyuk, CF “Rozvytok”
  • Published in  Events
Participants of working meeting in Uzhgorod Photo by CF “Rozvytok”
Participants of working meeting in Uzhgorod

To unite experience, knowledge and resources of state and civil society sectors for providing free legal aid to vulnerable groups of the population of Zakarpattya a strategic decision was made in Uzhgorod on October 20, as a result of the working meeting of the regional center administration and regional coordinator of the Authorized Human Rights Representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in Zakarpattya region Oleg Grygoriev and representatives of CF “Rozvytok”.

The main goal of the tripartite dialogue held in the regional center for free secondary legal aid in the Zakarpattya region was to establish cooperation, to specify common priority goals for further work to expand access for residents of Zakarpattya to primary and secondary free legal aid and their further integration.

During the meeting the plan of actions on expansion of access for residents of Zakarpattya to legal aid through the joint activity aimed at creating city targeted programs, at least, in 5 cities of the region was also discussed. It will allow residents of Zakarpattya to use legal system and legal services for free since 2016.

Director of FSLA of Zakarpattya regional center Vasyl Popadynets noted:

“Regular monitoring of legal system and ensuring high-quality services in the sphere of providing secondary legal aid in Zakarpattya region are key elements of effective and efficient legal system. We assume responsibility for quality of aid; therefore, we cooperate only with lawyers who have the high level of legal education and constantly increase the level of their professional qualification”.

During the event Coordinator of projects of CF “Rozvytok” Natalya Kozyr shared her experience of creation and introduction of the first in Zakarpattya city targeted program on providing free primary legal aid to residents of Mukachevo.

The human rights activist noted that today in Ukraine access to free primary legal aid is mainly provided by the non-state sector.

“Now such activity is carried out by the network of legal reception offices of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union and All-Ukrainian network of Community Law Centers created with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation. In Zakarpattya there is only one center that provides regularly professional legal aid. This is Mukachevo Human Rights Center. This year the system of free secondary legal aid covered civil and administrative cases and coordination centers also started to provide primary legal aid. Therefore, it is high time to unite best practices for expansion and promotion of culture of providing free legal aid throughout Zakarpattya region”, Natalya Kozyr stated.

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