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All-Ukrainian Free Legal Aid Call Center is opened
Lawyers are receiving calls Photo: Coordinating Center for Legal Aid Providing
Lawyers are receiving calls

The system of free legal aid expands its technical capabilities to make the activity more responding to requirements of society. Due to Free Legal Aid Call Center citizens received the additional mechanism for expeditious solution of their problems.

On October 3 in Chernovtsy the All-Ukrainian Free Legal Aid Call Center was opened. The day before the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko participated in testing of the equipment, the preliminary test of reception of phone calls that come to the unified number 0 800 213 103.

“You can learn what category of people has the right to free legal aid or aid from other partner organizations here. Also you can report about detention by law enforcement. Also here they will tell you the address and phone of the nearest Community Law Center or will accept your complaint against centers and lawyers. The opening of the call center was caused by a huge demand from Ukrainians for services of lawyers who provide free legal aid. After all, many citizens just don't know where to go ask for advice”, Pavel Petrenko told.

Call acceptance started on October 3 at 17:00. Communication with subscribers is provided by 14 professional lawyers who had special training.

“Structurally the call center is a division of the Regional Center of free secondary legal aid in Chernovtsy region. Actually, we will have the fully functioning center within the next month. Now the duty center also receives calls, in particular, relating to detention. Thus, everyone who calls on 0-800-213-103 is quickly connected to an operator and obtains information on the question”, Director of the Coordinating Center Andriy Vyshnevsky noted.

According to Andriy Vyshnevsky, it is expected that the call center will process about 80 000 phone calls for a year. According to the head of the call center of system Oleksiy Liutyk only during the first two days of work the center received 223 calls.

“30% of calls were related to detention cases. The majority of questions were about opportunities for ATO participants to receive free legal aid. Also subscribers asked about provision of pensions, registration of subsidies and addresses of regional centers of free secondary legal aid”, Oleksiy Liutyk told.

It should be noted that providing the call center with the hi-tech equipment, creation of the necessary software and training of employees are carried out with the support of the American Bar Association “Rule of Law Initiative” (ABA ROLI) within introduction of the program in the sphere of reforming criminal justice with the financial support of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of the U.S. Department of State.

Free Legal Aid Call Center provides the following services:

consultation on providing free legal aid;

informing on hot telephone lines concerning providing social services and human rights protection (volume of service will be gradually extended);

obtaining information on cases of detention of persons according to the Criminal Procedure Code and the Administrative Procedure Code for appointment of a lawyer to represent such persons at the expense of the state;

ensuring communication with all centers from of free secondary legal aid, providing information on their location, contact phone numbers, other means of communication;

providing feedback on providing free secondary legal aid, including acceptance of complaints against activity of centers and lawyers;

informing on opportunities of receiving legal aid from other organizations, including partner NGOs.

Phone number: 0 800 213 103, 24/7, free calls within Ukraine.

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