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Accessible legal aid – Centers’ network in Lviv region is expanding
  • Written by Andriy Dzyuba, Center of Local Government Studies
  • Published in  Events
Coordinator of Lviv Center Zoryana Khrystyna Photo from Facebook
Coordinator of Lviv Center Zoryana Khrystyna

Two more Community Law Centers will be opened in Horodok and Velyki Mosty. Experts from Center of Local Government Studies and representatives of authorities will work on it.

The second meeting of work group has taken place on 11 February within the project “Free legal aid provision in small communities” in Lviv. Volodymyr Bryhilevych, the head of the project, experts Andriy Dzyba, Khrystyna Tybinka and Zoryana Khrystyna, and representatives of partner cities of the project took part in the meeting.

During the meeting, public experts and representatives of authorities talked about different models of Community Law Centers, their advantages and disadvantages, practical activities. In the end of July two new Centers will be opened. That is why it is very important to discuss an optimal model to ensure effective work and financing by city councils.

Volodymyr Bryhilevych said: “It is very important to open Community Law Centers in small cities. People there do not always have financial and territorial possibilities to obtain free legal aid. There will be no instant results and many people, as they will not trust new institutions right away. But the importance of such Centers is very big. In many European countries and in Ukraine they make the main method of obtaining professional legal aid”.

Zoryana Khrystyna told that Community Law Centers can be founded in three ways: via communal institution, via contest for lawyers and via providing legal aid cooperating with lawyers and other legal specialists. The most realistic way to open Community Law Centers in small cities is cooperation with legal entities and individuals. Thus, financial burden is decreased. That is very important for small village and regional budgets.

The project “Free legal aid provision in small communities” started in January 2015. Activities are aimed to increase legal education of people and to increase the level of free legal aid via local institutions in the cities of Lviv region. This project is the logical continuation of the previous one, which was implemented last year in Zhovkva, Peremyshlyany and Kamyanka-Buzka.

Additional information: Community Law Centers are established with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework of “Human rights and justice” programme initiative. You can learn more on the Centers network activities, basics and principles of work here: www.legalspace.org

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