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Public activists learned mediation in Kovel
  • Written by Nataliya Samchynska, Volyn regional public organization “Community Law Center”
  • Published in  Events
Participants of the training received their certificates Photo by Olena Matviychuk
Participants of the training received their certificates

Mediation helps to solve disputes peacefully, leaving each side of the conflict satisfied. It is proved by practice that lots of conflict situations can be resolved with this method, even when people are already in courts. Statistically, practically all situations resolved by mediation do not recur.


That is why special training for future mediators in courts took place in Volyn. Lawyers, psychologists and activists from Kovel, Lutsk and Ratne learned mediation procedures in February.

That was not usual common training. It felt more like easy communication. Mainly, the tasks were practical as information is perceived much better; everyone learns on his own mistakes and learns the experience of other people. Participants asked questions and received all the answers from expert, Iryna Taran, experienced mediator from Pyryatyn (Poltava region) and the head of public organization “Women initiatives”. She shared her knowledge and experience so that participants would get maximum useful information.


As the result, positive reviews and gratitude sounded during all four days. Everything helped to contain good atmosphere and effective perception of information.

After the end of the training session, Iryna Taran said: “You are the wonderful group. No, you are already the team which will work for the result and help each other, even though you are so different. I am glad you went until the finish line. I am very proud of you and thank you for this wonderful time in Kovel”. The Center’s coordinator Olena Matviychuk is sure that further common work of project’s team and activists will bring positive results.

After the end of the training, each participant received not only the certificate, but knowledge and skills as well. They will be used by mediators in practice while working with courts and courts-of-appeal.

Mediation training took place as the part of the project “Introducing mediation in legal system of Volyn region as alternative method of solving conflicts”, supported by International Renaissance Foundation’s program “Rule of law”. Community Law Center administered by Volyn regional public organization “Center of Legal Aid” organized the event.

Additional Information: Community Law Centersare established with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation within the framework of “Rule of law” programme. You can learn more on the Centers network activities, basics and principles of work here:www.legalspace.org

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