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In Bychkivka people failed to exercise their right to land ownership

Volodymyr Drabyniasty, Chairman of village council, Bychkivtsi (presides here starting in 2004), says: the village of Chortkiv district, Ternopil region is unique not only in the region but also within the country. Its uniqueness is also provided by the fact that people here can’t still exercise their right to ownership of former collective farm land.

Pension Fund sues retirees

Patching the holes of the budget of PFU, the government banned to pay pensions to working pensioners, except for certain categories of citizens. But, as it turned out, “certain categories” are not immune.

Lawyers defended an old woman from unlawful court decision

An old woman from Rivne region suffered from verbal and moral abuse from her closest relatives. Moreover, she was deprived of her property rights. And when she tried to restore them, the juridical system was not very cooperative. She had to look out for help from qualified lawyers.

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