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Widow of ATO hero won case against Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is trying to economize, recognizing the fallen ATO heroes as suicide. The result is families of lost soldiers are not eligible for cash assistance from the state. A vivid example was the case of "Oksana Rudnik against the Ministry of Defence." Such attempts to save the state are numerous.

Error in workbook corrected through court

The resident of the village of Liman managed to correct her surname in the workbook through lawsuit. Tatyana Drugyi worked at the enterprise for many years, in very harmful conditions. When it was time to enjoy the "deserved rest", Tatyana appealed to the Pension Fund for the retirement pension.

How kid from occupied Crimea became Ukrainian citizen

Bilozerka district court considered the case of the Crimea citizen Daryna on the recognition of the fact of the birth of her child for four and a half months. The boy, who was born in September of last year in Simferopol, became a Ukrainian citizen after his mother had asserted the right in court.

If a kid was bitten by a dog, it is the dog owner's responsibility

In November of last year the employee of a post office in Chuhuiv, Kharkov region asked his niece (a schoolgirl) to deliver the letter to one of the recipients. When the girl reached the destination, she was attacked by two Central Asian Shepherd dogs that belonged to the owner of the house: one bit her leg and the other bit her back.

Pension Fund sues retirees

Patching the holes of the budget of PFU, the government banned to pay pensions to working pensioners, except for certain categories of citizens. But, as it turned out, “certain categories” are not immune.

Lucky “error” in documents helped widow receive pension

Due to the refusal of the Department of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in city of Kovel and Kovel district Olena had to correct an error in documents - not in hers, but in her died husband’s surname. Lawyers helped the woman correct the documents that resulted in allowance of her claim for the state pension. Her children won't have problems with inheritance issues any more.

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