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"The property has been destroyed ... due to the explosion of warheads"

The participant of combat actions demands from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine compensation of pecuniary damage in the amount of more than 400 thousand UAH. He appreciated his moral suffering almost in the same amount. The case promises to become a particular precedent. After all, in the city of Balaklia of Kharkiv region, hundreds of people were affected by explosions of munitions from the military arsenal.

ChHRG helped evict "invisible men" that prevented receiving subsidy

Today the problem of receiving subsidy is very acute for citizens of Ukraine. After all, when making this kind of targeted assistance the incomes of all persons registered in the living room are considered, and often several people who for one reason or another actually do not live there are registered in apartments or houses.

Legal aid to participants of anti-terrorist operation and their families

Starting from February 2015, lawyers of five Community Law Centers united their efforts in order to ensure free legal aid for participants of anti-terrorist operation (ATO) and their families. Success-stories, best-practices and legal consultations are published on “Legal Space” web-platform in “Legal advice for ATO participants” and “Legal consultations” sections. Moreover, visitors can get on-line legal information from a qualified lawyer via chat, forum and hot lines.

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