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Kherson developer illegally denies housing
Kherson developer illegally denies housing Photo by vgoru.org

Violations of the construction legislation in Kherson with the connivance of local officials and law enforcement are gradually becoming a normal practice. The residents of Kherson try to resist illegal buildings, whose owners believe that having money or connections you can do everything: to capture the community land, to ignore the project demands and even deprive their neighbors of homes.

In November, the network received open letter from the Yezhurov family that in desperation asked for help from the public. They are trying to regain their housing for many years, which is now uninhabitable for the illegal activities of the developer. But the struggle in the legal field does not bring any results.

The Yezhurov family lived in the one-storeyed apartment house in 18 Girsky street. In 2000-ies a new owner of the neighboring apartment began its repair. During the repair work he almost destroyed the house and brought down the roof. Due to violation of the integrity of the floors and walls the Yezhurovs’ apartment became uninhabitable.

So the tenants decided jointly the building and restore the roof at their own expense to repair. Repairs had to be performed by the construction firm, which is headed by the same neighbor, because he promised to carry out all works for free and to take the money only for the materials. However, instead of repairing the destroyed apartments and the restoration of the roof the neighbor began the reconstruction of the house by the project that differs much from the original building project. In place of the attic and roof above the Yezhurovs’ apartment Yezhurov two new floors appeared! Resistance of the Yezhurov family against such actions were accompanied by threats on the part of the neighbor and the tacit consent of regulatory authorities.

Three criminal proceedings were opened against illegal actions of the developers for several years. Two of them are excited by the statements of the Yezhurov family that lawyer of Informational Resource Center "Legal Space"  Serhiy Plakhotniuk helped to make.

Also the hearings of three court cases continue: recognition of the constituent documents of condominiums as invalid, the demolition of the illegal extension, and also about the indemnification caused by the illegal construction. However, the defendant ignores them, does not appear or delay the court meetings. At the same time the apartments on the new floors of the house are already on sale!

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