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People vs. Ukrpost. Missing-money scandal in Vinnytsia
Chairman of Board of Podolsk center of human rights Mykhailo Bardin talks to visitor. Photo from archive of Podolsk human rights center
Chairman of Board of Podolsk center of human rights Mykhailo Bardin talks to visitor.

The pensioner from Vinnytsia had to receive 1132 UAH of surcharge to her pension as the child of war four years ago. The local department of the Pension Fund claims that this money was paid to her in 2011. But the pensioner never received it. So, what happened to that money? Case is under consideration in court.

In 2011 Lyubov appealed to court to receive surcharge to pension as the child of war. The decision of district court of Vinnytsia obliged the Pension Fund to make recalculation of pension amounts and to pay surcharge of 1132 UAH to the pensioner.

However, only in February 2015 Lyubov incidentally learned that she was grated the required surcharge. The postman who used to bring the pension to the woman knew nothing about this money. The pensioner’s appeals to the Department of the Pension Fund, Ukrpost and Prosecutor's Office of Vinnytsia did not yield result.

Therefore, she addressed Law Community Center of Podolsk human rights center. The consultant of the Center collected necessary information.

According to the head of the Department of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Vinnytsia region the surcharge payment was made on June 25, 2011. The Pension Fund specified the payment amount and transferred it to Ukrpost. Further, the reconciliation statement approved the transfer of money to the pensioner. However, the postman did not bring it to the woman and did not make any additional records in Lyubov’s pension card in June, 2011.

Specialists of the Center established that there were no proofs of implementation of transfer of surcharge by Ukrpost's workers. Therefore, lawyers suggested the woman to appeal to court and claim from Ukrpost to return money.

However, on November 17, 2015 Vinnytsia city court refused to satisfy Lyubov’s claim for collecting from Ukrpost the sum of 1132 UAH. Lawyers of the Center are preparing the appeal complaint now. The question what happened to the money and who will return it remains open.

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