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Legal aid for father and son to unite

Having a common-law marriage parents from Bila Tserkva brought up their son for 15 years. After the mother’s death the father and son decided to register official paternity. For this purpose they had to collect documents and proofs, as uniting the family was worth it. That was quite real, for they received free legal advice and full support in the solution of the problem from a lawyer Bilotserkovsky Community Law Center.

Resident of Bila Tserkva Grygory* came to local Community Law Center at NGO “Legal Unity” with his 15-year-old son Ivan*. He told that he had lived with his wife Natalya* for 25 years. But they did not register their marriage. In 1998 the son was born. In the boy’s birth certificate there was the record about the father was made according to his mother. That is, legally Natalya was considered as a single mother.

In June, 2015 the woman died. After that Grygory decided to put documents relating to the son’s birth straight.

Though the marriage was not registered, over a quarter of the century they had lived as one family, managed joint household, had joint budget, together purchased furniture, household appliances and other household items. They together brought up the son. The father always cared of him.

15-year-old Ivan who came together with Grygory, too, confirmed it and wanted his father to be recognized officially.

We listened to both visitors and advised to appeal to court with the claim for recognition of paternity. However, before appealing the father had to collect proofs that could confirm all the above facts. After the necessary package of documents had been ready, we filed the claim in court for recognition of paternity.

Trial in case is lasting now. The duty hearings are appointed to the second half of September. The case is under control of the Center. We hope for positive result, after all there is every chance for this.

*Names of persons featured in publication are changed for ethical reasons

P.S.  Community Law Centers are created and work in the framework of the “Legal aid to the poor and vulnerable groups” Initiative with the financial support of “Human Rights and Justice” Program Initiative of International Renaissance Foundation. You can learn more about activity of Community Law Center network, basics and principles of work on LegalSpace website.

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